Community Building One Event at a Time

Here at Project Access many of the personal stories of our Residents are filled with a determination for self-improvement and personal growth. Today we highlight one such story. La’Dia Burden (who works in healthcare billing for insurance companies) and her fiancé, Edwin, are residents of Country Club Verandas in Mesa, Arizona. When they moved-in [...]

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Meet Jonathan Rivera: Education is His Recipe for Success

Our Residents are the fabric of our Project Access tapestry of communities across the country. Their diversity of backgrounds and experiences is truly extraordinary but even more remarkable than their individual stories is the seemingly boundless spirit of determination displayed by our Residents. Today we highlight one such story. The Rivera family are residents [...]

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A Tale of Two Esmeraldas: A Mother’s Day Story

In the languages of Spanish and Greek, the name “Esmeralda” translates to emerald. Since before the Middle Ages the vibrant green precious stone has been a symbol of protection, love, and wisdom. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed the emerald to be evocative of the Goddess Venus and thought it to be a conveyor of [...]

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Making a “Pie in the Sky” Dream a Reality

The term “Pie in the Sky” is defined as “something that is pleasant to contemplate but is very unlikely to be realized.” Here at Project Access, we help to make those pleasant contemplations and brighter futures come true through our “Pie in the Sky” Challenge and are incredibly grateful to see so many generous [...]

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The Color of Calm

These two residents were a part of a weekly grab-n-go activity bags for adults. We distributed adult coloring pages, proven to help relieve stress and anxiety among adults. Recently when one of our staff was delivering food donations from Panera, Donovan was excited to share that he had been working on his [...]

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A Heart-Warming Story for a Mid-Winter Day

Last autumn one of our residents, Desiree, shared with us that her granddaughters had suffered the loss of their mother a few months earlier in August. Desiree expressed how she had been doing her best to support them but conveyed a sense of helplessness in not knowing what to do when they [...]

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