To be the leading provider of vital on-site health, education and employment services to low-income families, children and seniors. Our goal is to give low income families the tools needed to break the cycle of poverty, become healthier, further educated and financially stable.


Project Access envisions that all residents of affordable housing communities have the opportunity to achieve self-sufficiency and maximize their full potential.

Who We Serve

The age range of those we serve is 51% children age 18 and under, 44% adults age 19 to 54, and 5% over age 55.

Ethnic Background – Hispanic/Latino (38%), African American (8%), Asian American (7%), Caucasian (6%), Multi-Racial/Other (4%), and Undisclosed/Unknown (37%).

Evaluating Success

Our unique programs are tailored to meet the needs of our diverse housing communities to deliver quality services to the children, families, and seniors we serve.

Financial Documents