The term “Pie in the Sky” is defined as “something that is pleasant to contemplate but is very unlikely to be realized.” Here at Project Access, we help to make those pleasant contemplations and brighter futures come true through our “Pie in the Sky” Challenge and are incredibly grateful to see so many generous contributions since we kicked off our 2021 campaign on March 1 (

Recently we were surprised and deeply touched by one special contribution – a donation from a former Project Access youth (now thriving adult), Luisa! She was excited to reconnect with Project Access and share how your support has made an impact on her family.

Luisa and her family moved into a Project Access community more than a decade ago. Luisa was in middle school and her two siblings, David, and Ana, were in elementary school. 

All three siblings participated in youth programs at their Resource Center. Luisa joined the teen club, where she developed leadership skills and prepared for college. David and Ana attended the After-School Program where they received homework assistance and expanded their learning and development through enrichment activities.

Since graduating college, Luisa is working at a tax office and is planning to get certified as a tax preparer. David is doing well in his second year at Cal State University Long Beach. And Ana will be graduating from high school later this spring.

Although Luisa’s family has since moved out of their community, she made a gift to support other residents because she believes in the positive impact and influence Project Access can have on a family.

We’re grateful to Luisa for her wonderful contribution and sharing her inspiring story with us.