These two residents were a part of a weekly grab-n-go activity bags for adults. We distributed adult coloring pages, proven to help relieve stress and anxiety among adults.

Recently when one of our staff was delivering food donations from Panera, Donovan was excited to share that he had been working on his coloring page. As he was sharing his artistic accomplishment, his neighbor, Tami, grabbed her adult coloring page that she did as well and walked over to share her progress.

Tami said that she thought of Project Access as she was coloring her page and wanted us to have it. Both Donovan and Tami expressed how these coloring pages helped them mentally and gave their minds something to focus on and do.

When we heard their testimonies of what this coloring exercise did for them it blew us away and warmed our hearts to hear that this activity was truly therapeutic for them. These moments remind us that what we do in our Project Access communities really does make a difference and motivates us to move forward.