There are many familiar old sayings on the topic of time. “Time waits for no one.” “Time marches on!” and “Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” All three quotes point to the value and importance we all place on time. Our time is precious and many of us never seem to have enough
of it. That is why we appreciate our volunteers so much.

Today is national Volunteer Recognition Day. So, we’re marking the occasion here at Project Access by saluting the men and women who assist us every day at our locations across the country. They give generously of their most precious commodity – their time – coupled with their passion and enthusiasm to make all lives better for our staff, our Residents, and our communities overall.

Whether our volunteers commit to two hours a week or twenty, their hands-on impact is most appreciated by all of us. They are an integral part of our Project Access community. On this national day of recognition, we can reflect on and give thanks for the contributions of each of our volunteers who make Project Access such a success for our Residents.

Our commitment to each other, our Residents, and our partners is reflected in our many successes achieved together against the backdrop of constant change. The commitment to volunteerism shared by so many in our Project Access communities have helped us navigate the highs and lows of the past year. The selflessness of our volunteers and their personal convictions to help truly make for a brighter world for our valued staff and Residents.  

Here a few representative photos and video that showcase the work of our valued volunteers.