Our collective hearts are breaking. As we have watched the events that have unfolded, we are all experiencing a range of emotions, from anger to sadness to fear.
The public outrage over George Floyd’s death reflects long-standing frustration over socio-economic inequality and systemic racism toward the Black community. THIS NEEDS TO STOP. There is no place for racism in our communities.
At Project Access, we have been listening, reflecting, and learning so we can become a better ally to the Black community. To continue and go deeper in this work, we are:
• Creating safe spaces for open, honest conversations and honoring our teams’ experiences
• Continuing to further diversify our Board of Directors
• Exploring the best ways to further educate our staff and residents on biases, inclusion, and diversity
• Strengthening our commitment to our organization’s core values of respect, support, and empowerment in our everyday work
Project Access stands in solidarity with the Black community. This is just a start. As we continue our work of bringing communities together and empowering residents, we are committed to be better and do better.