Today we join with people around the world in recognizing Earth Day 2021, one of the most widely celebrated environmental events across the globe. The day has been designated as an opportunity for us to ever-increase our awareness and appreciation of the natural world. Each year April 22 is celebrated in over 190 countries, marking progress in preserving our fragile planet but also discovering and addressing new threats that continue to challenge our planetary eco-system.  

In today’s blog post we want to take a moment and recognize our many Residents, staff, and volunteers who bring the spirit of Earth Day alive almost every day through our community gardens. These wonderful assets to our communities provide fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers to the benefit and enjoyment of our Residents. They also provide comradery (with COVID protocols), community pride, and a sense of self-reliance.

The gardens relieve stress and encourage healthy eating and wellness, assist in building stronger communities, help cleanse the environment, and provide opportunities for learning. All these benefits derive from a simple patch of soil. The other benefits? The smiles and sense of pride that are evident in the photos below evident even behind COVID masks.

Happy Earth Day everyone!