Every Monday in April, we’ll be posting tips on how you can be “MINDFUL” about your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

What you can do to STAY INSPIRED
  • Search your memories and focus on what has inspired you in the past
  • Create a happy area or space in your home and surround yourself with things that inspire you – your favorite music, photographs, books, decorations, etc.
  • Create Pinterest boards of all of your favorite ideas and peruse other peoples’ pins to find new ideas
  • Look at different types of art online or virtually at a museum
  • Use your phone’s camera and take photos of the beautiful things you see in and around your home
  • Read blogs written by people who have done incredible things or overcome adversity
  • Create a vision board with inspiring pictures and quotes
  • Disconnect yourself from your phone, computer and television for a while each day
  • Draw or paint a scene out of your window or in your home
  • Join an online forum to speak with others with similar ideas, experiences, hobbies or interests