Every Monday in April, we’ll be posting tips on how you can be “MINDFUL” about your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

What you can do to STAY PRODUCTIVE
  • Find ways to volunteer in your local community (volunteermatch.org)
  • Read a book (Amazon Prime is offering 1000s of free audio and digital books. You can also access books by downloading the Kindle app or visiting your local library’s website to access their digital archives)
  • Do spring cleaning
  • Take an online class (Alison.com)
  • Try something new such as a recipe, workout, craft, etc.
  • Learn a new hobby/skill on YouTube
  • Make to-do lists and feel the accomplishments as you cross things off your list
  • Divide your time between family, work, and personal time
  • Work on projects together as a family
  • Set reachable and defined goals with a clear path