Why Planned Giving?

Making a commitment to Project Access through your will or other estate planning vehicle is an effective way to ensure that critical services are provided to low-income families and seniors for generations to come. A Planned Gift allows you to manage your assets during your lifetime, while taking comfort in the knowledge that you have made a commitment to help disadvantaged children, families and seniors into the future.

Charitable Gifts and Bequests

The easiest way to demonstrate your commitment to Project Access is by making contributions of assets during your lifetime or at your death through your living trust or will. Most any asset can be donated to Project Access for a charitable income tax deduction if made during person’s lifetime or a charitable estate tax deduction if made at a person’s death. Common assets include cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real property. You can designate any portion of your assets to help support Project Access’ mission. Again, this is the easiest manner to help you make an impact on the future of disadvantaged families and seniors.

You can name Project Access as a beneficiary in your will by making:

  • An outright gift, either a designated dollar amount or specifying a percentage of your estate.
  • Project Access a remainder beneficiary to receive funds only after specific sums have been paid to individual beneficiaries, such as family and friends.

It may be helpful to know that you can easily add us to your will through an amendment to your will called a codicil. Doing so means your entire will does not have to be redrafted.

Gift of Life Insurance

Charitable Gifts of Life Insurance are predicated on the fact that the protection provided by the insurance coverage is not needed by you or your family–giving you a chance to share the wealth. Charitable gifts of life insurance usually are structured in one of the following ways:

  • Project Access is the owner and beneficiary of the life insurance policy insuring your life.
  • You are the owner and Project Access is the beneficiary of the life insurance policy insuring your life.
  • You donate an existing policy insuring your life to Project Access so Project Access is the owner and beneficiary of the life insurance policy.

Regardless of the method implemented, these dollars will help Project Access provide for low-income families and seniors into an uncertain future!

For example: Mr. Jones owns a $100,000 life insurance policy with a current cash value of $35,000. By transferring the policy to Project Access Mr. Jones is able to receive a current charitable deduction of $35,000. If Mr. Jones decides to continue paying the premiums on the policy after the gift is made, these premium payments will be tax deductible each year.

Gift from your Retirement Account

Gifts of Retirement Plan Distributions are predicated on the fact that neither you nor your family need the assets held in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), 401(k) Plan, 403(b) Plan, or other retirement plan. Charitable gifts of retirement plan distributions are usually structured in one of the following ways:

  • The distributions you receive from your retirement plan are donated to Project Access.
  • Project Access is named the beneficiary or a partial beneficiary of your retirement plan.

For example: Currently naming us as the beneficiary of a retirement account means that Project Access will receive 100 percent of your retirement plan proceeds free of all taxes. Although the proceeds will be included in your gross estate, they will be completely deductible as a charitable gift.


In addition to a planned gift, you can also designate a cash gift to our Endowment. An Endowment is an investment fund set up by Project Access in which regular withdrawals from the invested capital are used for ongoing operations or other specified purposes. Endowments exist in perpetuity and are a great way for you to have a significant impact on Project Access’ future by helping to provide an ongoing income.

Other Ways To Make a Planned Gift

 Charitable Gift Annuity
Charitable Lead Trusts
Charitable Remainder Trusts

To learn more about the Project Access Planned Giving Program, please contact
Christopher Baiocchi, Head of Planned Giving at (949) 253-6200 ext. 309 or via email at