Project Access expands Bay Area programs with contributions from Whole Foods Market Oakland’s “Nickels for Nonprofits” fundraising efforts

OAKLAND, California. February 10, 2016 – Project Access, a nonprofit that provides low-income families in Oakland with health, education, employment and technology support, recently received a $6,487 donation from Whole Foods Market Oakland as part of the store’s “Nickels for Nonprofits” fundraising program. The organization will use the funds to support a variety of Project Access programs in Oakland.
“Here in Oakland, we believe one of the most important things we can do is support access to healthy food for underserved communities,” said Juliette Soares, community outreach liaison for Whole Foods Market in the East Bay. “We’re proud to partner with Project Access to offer both healthy food and healthy eating education to residents of housing communities where they operate.”
Since Whole Foods Market and Project Access started working together in September 2014:
More than 50 residents and children have received healthy eating education from Whole Foods Market store tours and cooking classesSome 250 residents have received healthy eating bags containing healthy pantry staples.
“Whole Foods Market is considered by many to be the expert in healthy eating, and many residents we serve haven’t had healthy options widely available to them, or they haven’t been given the information they need to incorporate more healthy foods on a budget,” said Project Access CEO and President Kathy McCarrell. “Whole Foods Market has been wonderful in going beyond just donating food to truly offering the education people need alongside the food itself.”
Project Access continues to grow its partnership with Whole Foods Market by serving on their Oakland Nonprofit Steering Committee to help direct the company’s giving in the East Bay.
In Oakland, Project Access has Family Resource Centers in Tassafaronga Village Apartments, Chestnut Linden Apartments, Keller Plaza, and Mandela Gateway Apartments, and has a Senior Resource Center at St. Joseph’s.
Project Access directly serves over 13,000 low-income individuals at over 60 properties in California, Colorado and Arizona where it fosters a culture of change by assisting residents from a broad range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds to improve their lives through education, employment, wellness, and financial capability, among other programs.
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