NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., May 21, 2015 – Project Access, a leading provider of vital on-site health, education and employment services to low-income families, children and seniors in California, Arizona and Colorado, is making good progress with apartment community residents utilizing the nonprofit’s Resource Centers, according to a recent report issued by the organization.
Project Access currently partners with many affordable housing owners and developers in a fee-for-service relationship to bring services to these residents at no cost to them. The organization leverages the owners’ financial commitment and donation of space by amassing additional resources through fundraising and by obtaining in-kind and financial donations for the Resource Centers.
“We are pleased to report that in2014, Project Access served more than 11,000 families, children and seniors in California, Arizona and Colorado,” CEO & President Kristin Byrnes said. “We have expanded our portfolio by adding eight new Resource Centers in the past year. We thank our supporters, partners and staff for their positive contributions.”
During 2014, Project Access secured 163 community-based partnerships with many well-respected organizations, made 2,832 referrals to offsite service providers, and had 6,954 residents participate in a community-building event.
Here are some other highlights:
Over 1,700 residents received preventative screenings and connections to local health clinics for the uninsured85% of residents reported that health workshops, screenings, nutrition classes and referrals to outside organizations increased healthy behaviors in their family.Over 74,000 healthy snacks, breakfasts and lunches were distributed
Over 4,000 youth served in school readiness, after-school programs and teen programs
80% of children showed positive achievement in reading82% of children showed positive achievement in math81% of youth improved in at least five or more areas

282 youth served with environmental education and hands-on technologytraining

Five $1,000 scholarships awarded

Over 39,000 hours of open computer lab time available

94% of youth demonstrated an improvement in their researching skills onthe Web
2,116 seniors participated in socialization, health and wellness and transportation programs96% of seniors indicated that Project Access programs has improved the quality of their livesOver $45,000 in emergency assistance funds distributed to 185 seniors
523 residents participated in job readiness services, such as resume and employment application writing assistance99.5% or residents reported information they received will help them save money and/or reduce debt329 residents learned to speak, write and read English