2016 Spread the Joy

If you would like to make a financial gift instead, please click HERE, otherwise, please proceed below if you would like to contribute to our 2016 Spread the Joy Wish List.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Jennifer Clay
Donor Relations Manager
949-253-6200 ext. 306

Please click HERE if you would like to make a monetary donation.

Catering for Community Holiday Celebration
(approx. 100 people per celebration):
• Costco/Grocery store gift card
• Sponsor direct catering services (i.e. arrange and deliver food directly)
~Approximate Cost: $500

Décor for Community Holiday Celebration
(needed by 1st week of December):
• Holiday Celebration supplies (table cloths, napkins, plates, etc.)
• General décor (garland, indoor lights, signs etc.)
• Christmas Tree / Menorah / Kwanzaa Kinara
~Approximate Cost: $ 50-200

Entertainment for Community Holiday Celebration
• Santa Claus (sponsor or arrange directly)
• Other (at your discretion - examples are face painting, DJ. Can be sponsored or arranged directly)
~Approximate Cost: $100-300

Raffle Prizes for Adult Residents
• Laundry detergent
• Grocery gift cards
• Cleaning supplies
• Towels/Linens
~Approximate Cost: $25

• Supplies for holiday craft projects for youth (ages 6-12)
• Board games for all ages
• School supplies and back packs
• Healthy holiday snacks for youth (ages 6-18)
• Gift cards (any domination)
~Approximate Cost: $25-100

Items on this list help make the holiday celebrations at our 60+ Family and Senior Resource Centers special for our residents! All donations should be dropped off at our corporate office by December 11, 2015 so we have time to distribute them to our centers.

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New, Unwrapped Gifts For: 
Boys & Girls Ages:
3-6 years old*
7-12 years old*
13-18 years old
*indicates most need
~All gifts should be valued at $10 dollars or more


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